Moving Stop Loss - The endurance runner

Dynamic stop inside NanoTrader

The Moving Stop Loss (MSL) is derived from the previous day’s closing prices.

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The stop-loss value applies an adjustable percentage above or below the closing price, depending on the position (long or short). In the event of a limited price correction (which does not reach the stop-loss point), the stop-loss trigger remains frozen at its highest (if long) or lowest (if short) value.Moving Stop Loss allows you to adjust stop-loss settings to follow the trend when prices are heading in the right direction. The appeal of the MSL indicator is found in its simplicity. The straightforward principle of a concurrently moving stop loss is still very appealing, especially to active short-term traders, although long-term position traders also use this indicator. However, fervent users know from experience that losses can mount quickly in a sideways trading market. The indicator is easily optimized.

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A buy/sell signal is given once the price reaches the stop-loss level. 





The PeriodsHighLow Stop is based on the high or low of a certain, freely selectable range. This example shows a PeriodsHighLow Stop based on the daily closing price in the NanoTrader trading platform. The stop was offset by -0.50 percent to correct the period low. The stop is set to the low of the last daily period. As soon as this rises, the stop level is also adjusted.
The stop adjusts automatically to the market movement. If the price breaks through the current price of the stop, the position is closed.

Moving stop loss trailing the market


This less known stop improves the results of many strategies. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to examine this stop more closely in a backtest.

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