• ATR - Average True Range

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    The ATR is a very powerful tool within trading. Starting with the prognostic character up to the concrete component as stoploss within a trading strategy, there are a whole range of

  • Horizonte

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    A simply solution for when the markets do not do what they should. Use the broadening triangle - formation. It looks like a megaphone.

    More than 100 indicators are available in

  • Inside Out

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    "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". This also applies to the markets. When the market gives you lemons (a normally trustworthy chart formation suddenly stops working), how

  • Renko

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    And action again! It is not the time unit, but the price movement that is relevant. The factors of time and volume fall by the wayside in this chart as well as in Kagi and Point

  • SHS

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    The shoulder-head-shoulder formation (SHS for short) is one of the best known formations of all and can be found in almost every beginner's technical analysis book. We show you the

  • Dreiecke

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    Before you jump in the triangle, read this short guide to the most common patterns in trading: The triangles. The article explains three typical triangle formations: Symmetrical

  • Balance Waage

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    The VWAP can be an important support for day traders to assess the significance of resistance and support areas for liquid stocks or other instruments. This article shows how the

  • Schluesselkonzepte

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    Elephants are eaten in slices! This means that under the series "Key Concepts" we repeatedly take up the basics in order to conquer the broad field of indicators and strategies step

  • Commodities

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    Who can he do? The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) was developed in 1980 by commodity trader Donald Lambert. In this article we show how to calculate the versatile trend follower and

  • Wave ATR


    The Average True Range is an irreplaceable tool for every trader and investor to assess the risk inherent in the current market situation and manage the amount of capital invested