Williams %R - Stochastics disciple

Williams %R Oscillator

The %R indicator by Larry Williams is similar in principle to Stochastics, and is commonly calculated using the prices of the last ten days. This indicator provides a buy signal below -0.95 and a sell signal above -0.10.

The %R is a typical oscillator and only works in a sideways market. Best results with this indicator are achieved by combining it with other (visual) techniques and detecting divergences from the price chart.

Trading simulation


  • %R period (10)
  • Help line 1 (-10)
  • Help line 2 (-95)


This indicator provides a buy signal below -0.95 and a sell signal above -0.10.





Trading simulation

This example shows Buy and Sell signals based on the Williams %R indicator inside the NanoTrader trading platform. A sell signals is generated when there is a downward cross with the -10 threshold. Buy signals are triggered when there is an upwards cross with the -95 threshold.

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